Walk With Me

Experience Walk With Me in a movie theater in your city

We are using Theatrical On Demand® to release Walk With Me in movie theaters across the United States beginning Tuesday, September 12th.

This means everyone has the chance to experience this film on the big screen. This also means that we need your help. Walk With Me will come to your city only if someone signs up to host a screening and enough tickets are reserved.

Hosting a screening is FREE and EASY, we just need you to sign up to become a Movie Captain and help us spread the word!

Follow the steps below to experience Walk With Me in a Movie Theater

You can either 1. sign up to become a Movie Captain and host your own screening of Walk With Me OR 2. search the screening map (below) to purchase tickets to a screening of Walk With Me already scheduled in your city.

1. Host Your Own Screening

Sign up to become a Walk With Me Movie Captain

Click the REQUEST A SCREENING Button and sign up to become the Movie Captain of a screening of Walk With Me at your local movie theater.

This will take you to the Theatrical On Demand® screening request form. Filling out the form takes about five minutes and costs nothing. Once you submit the completed form you will receive a confirmation email from Gathr Films and your screening will be on its way.

REMEMBER: Theatrical On Demand® screenings only happen if a minimum number of people reserve their tickets online in advance. This means you can’t wait until the night of the showing to get your tickets.

2. Purchase Tickets

1. Enter your location in the map to see if there are any screenings scheduled in your city. Each dot is a different screening.

2. Select the marker on the map for the screening you want to attend and click 'Reserve Tickets'.

Premiere Screenings

If you are not in one of the four Premiere cities search the Map below to find a screening scheduled in your city.